The NZ Scaffolding Group Graduate Development Programme is designed to encourage Engineering graduates into the scaffolding and temporary works industry.

The overall aim of the programme is to support you in developing a broad yet comprehensive range of skills necessary to become a future leader / star performer within our organisation.

We have structured the programme so that you can steer your own success within a positive and supportive environment. You’ll have the opportunity to experience a wide range of business elements that are strategic and operational as well as the ability to influence the future direction of the group. Good grades, ambition and hard work are the key attributes you’ll need to succeed in your career with us in the New Zealand Scaffolding Group.


Both the Graduate programme and summer internships are only offered in Wellington at our WorkZone Branch. Here you will begin your preliminary training to fast track your career. The application and recruitment process can take place in Christchurch for your convenience.

The Graduate Development Programme and Career Pathway

Learn the ropes, on the tools

‘Learn the ropes’ is a prerequisite and an essential entry point for all recruits. It is here that you will learn the necessary foundation skills in order to progress in our company.

An approximate duration of six months, this segment ensures graduates gain a well-rounded understanding and insight into the core of scaffolding and the temporary works industry. You will receive induction training and a Foundation Skills course during the first six months.

You will have a designated crew leader / trainer while working as a labourer at the coal face of the operation, erecting and dismantling scaffold structures. You will learn about the various scaffolding systems and their components, the Best Practice Guidelines and what it takes to be a scaffolder.

It will be physically demanding and mentally testing, however, the regular checkpoints with management will keep you on track and motivated.

Technical Experience

As you progress, daily tasks will vary, opening you up to different areas of the business. However, you will continue to develop the base set of skills out on site.

Here you will be invited to incorporate your engineering knowledge and experience.

Using CAD and drawing on engineering concepts, you will have the opportunity to discuss job design with team leaders and managers alike. We will seek to commence formal training for your National Certificate in Scaffolding at this stage (funded by the company).

Expand Knowledge, Scaffold inspections, estimating

Using what you have learnt in stage one and two of the programme, stage three starts to create a deeper insight into the back end of the organisation. You will begin to see what it takes to keep the company moving in the right direction; ensuring sustainability and growth while maintaining sight of our vision / goals.

You will begin to see how diligent planning and resource allocation affects each job individually and the company’s productivity as a whole. You will have input into team and job allocation while at the same time getting to grips with; estimation, scaffold inspections and quoting. By this stage you will be studying for your Intermediate Level Scaffolding Certificate.

Operations, managing teams, job planning, supervision

Operations are a pivotal cog for the organisation and a key part of the management team. Our Operations Team drives the daily process by ensuring efficiency, effectiveness and job success. As an Operations Manager, your daily role will be spread across the organisation. It will include client communication and pricing through to job planning, health and safety, supervision and performance management.

You will be introduced to Human Resource and Financial principles to help you become a better Manager.

Management – Key management roles, macro / micro strategic focus

The success of our operating companies is driven by the Senior Management team. Each subsidiary or branch is structured to operate on its own accord.

As a General Manager, your focus will be on company performance across all business metrics. It will require a wider understanding of management, sales, financial and HR concepts that are required to steer the organisation and achieve its strategic objectives.

To apply for the Graduate Programme email your CV, Cover Letter and Transcript to us now.

Summer Internship

We can offer summer internships for students who have not yet graduated, but would like to gain work experience and hit the ground running once they graduate. The application for a Summer Internship follows the same process as the Graduate Programme.

Programme restrictions

Please be aware of the following considerations for a Summer Internship with NZ Scaffolding Group:

  • Application intakes – year round
  • Offered only at WorkZone Scaffolds in Wellington
  • Contributes to Practical and Professional experience
  • Practical experience must be done with us in order to progress to your professional experience
  • The bulk of your work experience will be on the tools, on site. It will be physically and mentally demanding while you gain first-hand experience in the scaffolding / temporary works industry